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Thanks to Deb Martinson

(All quotes by Deb Martinson) Self-injury can be found in a variety of forms. These forms, such as, skin cutting, head banging or hitting, and burning. Some others include excessive scratching, punching self or objects, infecting oneself, drinking something harmful (like bleach or detergent), and breaking bones purposefully.

 Purposeful self-injury sometimes needs more specific skills to avoid the harm done to oneself. The skills will use things that incite intense sensations such as, "[S]queezing ice, taking a cold bath or hot or cold shower, biting into something strongly flavored (hot peppers, ginger root, unpeeled lemon/lime/grapefruit), rubbing Ben-Gay® or Icy-Hot® or Vap-O-Rub® under your nose". Though these can cause pain, it doesn't produce a lasting effect like scars, which alleviates the guilt and shame associated with self-mutilation.

Self-harm Skills: About Me
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