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Thanks to Deb Martinson

Numbness and the craving for any sort of feeling are dangerous places to be, so some other skills to bring someone back to the moment are to:

  • "Squeeze ice hard (this really hurts). (Note: putting ice on a spot you want to burn gives you a strong painful sensation and leaves a red mark afterward, kind of like burning would.)

  • Put a finger into a frozen food (like ice cream) for a minute.

  • Bite into a hot pepper or chew a piece of ginger root.

  • Rub liniment under your nose.

  • Slap a tabletop hard.

  • Snap your wrist with a rubber band.

  • Take a cold bath.

  • Stomp your feet on the ground.

  • Focus on how it feels to breathe. Notice the way your chest and stomach move with each breath

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