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Thanks to Deb Martinson

Matching skills to one's mood is an essential part of recovery. For instance, if someone is angry or frustrated, skills can include to:

  • Slash an empty plastic soda bottle or a piece of heavy cardboard or an old shirt or sock.

  • Make a soft cloth doll to represent the things you are angry at. Cut and tear it instead of yourself.

  • Flatten aluminum cans for recycling, seeing how fast you can go.

  • Hit a punching bag.

  • Use a pillow to hit a wall, pillow-fight style.

  • Rip up an old newspaper or phone book.

  • On a sketch or photo of yourself, mark in red ink what you want to do. Cut and tear the picture.

  • Make Play-Doh or Sculpey or other clay models and cut or smash them.

  • Throw ice into the bathtub or against a brick wall hard enough to shatter it.

  • Break sticks.

  • I've found that these things work even better if I rant at the thing I am cutting/tearing/hitting. I start out slowly, explaining why I am hurt and angry, but sometimes end up swearing and crying and yelling. It helps a lot to vent like that.

  • Crank up the music and dance.

  • Clean your room (or your whole house).

  • Go for a walk/jog/run.

  • Stomp around in heavy shoes.

  • Play handball or tennis

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