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99 Coping Skills

Provided by Your Life Your Voice

  1. Exercise (running, walking, etc.).

  2. Put on fake tattoos.

  3. Write (poetry, stories, journal).

  4. Scribble/doodle on paper.

  5. Be with other people.

  6. Watch a favorite TV show.

  7. Post on web boards, and answer others' posts.

  8. Go see a movie.

  9. Do a wordsearch or crossword.

  10. Do schoolwork.

  11. Play a musical instrument.

  12. Paint your nails, do your make-up or hair.

  13. Sing.

  14. Study the sky.

  15. Punch a punching bag.

  16. Cover yourself with Band-Aids where you want to cut.

  17. Let yourself cry.

  18. Take a nap (only if you are tired).

  19. Take a hot shower or relaxing bath.

  20. Play with a pet.

  21. Go shopping.

  22. Clean something.

  23. Knit or sew.

  24. Read a good book.

  25. Listen to music.

  26. Try some aromatherapy (candle, lotion, room spray).

  27. Meditate.

  28. Go somewhere very public.

  29. Bake cookies.

  30. Alphabetize your CDs/DVDs/books.

  31. Paint or draw.

  32. Rip paper into itty-bitty pieces.

  33. Shoot hoops, kick a ball.

  34. Write a letter or send an email.

  35. Plan your dream room (colors/furniture).

  36. Hug a pillow or stuffed animal.

  37. Hyperfocus on something like a rock, hand, etc.

  38. Dance.

  39. Make hot chocolate, a milkshake or a smoothie.

  40. Play with modeling clay or Play-Doh.

  41. Build a pillow fort.

  42. Go for a nice, long drive.

  43. Complete something you've been [pputting off.

  44. Draw on yourself with a marker.

  45. Take up a new hobby.

  46. Look up recipes, cook a meal.

  47. Look at pretty things, like flowers or art.

  48. Create or build something.

  49. Pray.

  50. Make a list of blessings in your life.

  51. Read the Bible.

  52. Go to a friend's house.

  53. Jump on a trampoline.

  54. Watch an old, happy movie.

  55. Contact a hotline/your therapist, if you want, you can call us 1-800-448-3000.

  56. Talk to someone close to you.

  57. Ride a bicycle.

  58. Feed the ducks, birds, or squirrels.

  59. Color.

  60. Memorize a poem, play, or song.

  61. Stretch.

  62. Search for ridiculous things on the internet.

  63. “Shop” on-line (without buying anything).

  64. Color-coordinate your wardrobe.

  65. Watch fish.

  66. Make a CD/playlist of your favorite songs.

  67. Play the “15 minute game.” (Avoid something for 15 minutes, when time is up start again.)

  68. Plan your wedding/prom/other event.

  69. Plant some seeds.

  70. Hunt for your perfect home or car on-line.

  71. Try to make as many words out of your full name as possible.

  72. Sort through/edit your pictures.

  73. Play with a balloon.

  74. Give yourself a facial.

  75. Play with a favorite childhood toy.

  76. Start collecting something.

  77. Play video/computer games.

  78. Clean up trash at your local park.

  79. Look at

  80. Text or call an old friend.

  81. Write yourself an "I love you because…" letter.

  82. Look up new words and use them.

  83. Rearrange furniture.

  84. Write a letter to someone that you may never send.

  85. Smile at five people.

  86. Play with your little brother/sister/niece/nephew.

  87. Go for a walk (with or without a friend).

  88. Put a puzzle together.

  89. Clean your room /closet.

  90. Try to do handstands, cartwheels, or backbends.

  91. Yoga.

  92. Teach your pet a new trick.

  93. Learn a new language.

  94. Move EVERYTHING in your room to a new spot.

  95. Get together with friends and play Frisbee, soccer or basketball.

  96. Hug a friend or family member.

  97. Search on-line for new songs/artists.

  98. Make a list of goals for the week/month/year/5 years.

  99. Perform a random act of kindness.

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